Saturday, February 12, 2011

Buh bye Lainedeer~ Buh bye Coldbear~~ (Monster Galaxy Facebook)

.: Oh man! Our last chance is no longer our chance anymore... Lainedeer has fled away from Sunshire, Windhym... :-(

Are you new to Monster Galaxy? Well, it's a Pokemon-like game, only it is on Facebook. What you will do in this Facebook app is basically the same thing the same routine you do in Pokemon - to catch 'em all (to catch all Moga's in Facebook) while carry out your Moga tamer duty, protecting Windhym and to conquer the world~~  (yeah, right!)  X-D

Bye bye Lainedeer Moga
And in Monster Galaxy, the most searched moga on the internet is the Lainedeer moga. But the time period to catch this moga has ended. Lainedeer and Coldbear has already fled from Windhym land to follow Jack Frost journey..

You can read the last mass Lainedeer catching in this Monster Galaxy Lainedeer hunting event.

So, because Lainedeer moga is no more, what we can do is to guard the world of Windhym and find what is the reason that cause all this earthquakes and investigate how moga comes to our world.

I dunno whether we will have our own sidekick to assists us just like in the Pokemon series (Brock or Misty), but one thing for sure, Gary Oak is back in this game too....

Skylar - Gary's brother is in Monster Galaxy too...
What? Gary???

As told by Monster Galaxy, this not-so-bad Skylar jerk is our life long rival. No matter what we do, he always did it first. He got everything under control, he has done so many things, he knows a lot, he is super, and he is one guy we can't never wait to show him who's the boss now, oh yeahh!!!

LOL~   X-D

Okay, enough about Skylar. Another thing I want to tell is, I had difficulties finding which Monster Galaxy original Facebook pages. If you do search in Facebook, what you'll see is many many many fan-made Monster Galaxy pages. So, in order to save our time, this is the true and the only link to them:
(Too bad Facebook don't have their own built-in SERP technology just like Google.)

So, what you waiting for? Indulge yourself in the zodiacal journey in Monster Galaxy on Facebook now~~

m2mdoh: "In support of how to get Skylar's blue moga??"

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