Saturday, February 12, 2011

Where and How to Catch Lepus and War Lepus in Monster Galaxy Facebook?

.: 2 brand new moga appear in Monster Galaxy Facebook yesterday - the Lepus and War Lepus moga~~ Whoaaa...

Lepus the beginner moga - cute huh?
The story goes like this, Sky Cats are afraid of rabbits. I dunno what is the point there, but Sky Cats are terribly afraid of them. To be more specific, Sky Cats are allergic to lunar rabbit mogas. In this case, it's Lepus the rabbit moga and their rabbit general, the War Lepus moga.

Your job is to capture them, and chase them away as many as you can because Sky Cats wants you to do that. And they will reward you handsomely if you succeed. So, your new lunar quest here is to find them, capture one Lepus, defeat their general, and there goes our happy ending story.

But where can we find them? And how to catch one??

Where to find Lepus and War Lepus :
Both Lepus and War Lepus can be found anywhere on the map. Either you roams in Sunshire (the original map) or in Pueblonia (Monster Galaxy newest map), these two mogas will appear so suddenly and it's level will be the same as the highest moga level in your current party. Like in my case, my Smoke is level 14, Coldbear is level 13 and my Woolf is level 10, and both Lepus and War Lepus that I encountered is level 14.

How to catch Lepus and War Lepus then?
Lepus: This is the easiest moga to catch. As the beginner moga, you should be able to catch it without too much trouble. Start with Moga that have poison ability, then it will be easy to weaken it. Lepus special ability is to increase his zodiac attack, so if you counter it with Moga 3x stronger than his zodiac, you will win. My mistake here is I use Woolfie level 10 to capture Lepus, and I failed because "we" cannot capture Lepus if our fighting moga level is 2 level lower than Lepus. What?? I change to Smoke level 14, and alrightttt,, Lepus is mine~~  X-D

Super Rare moga versus Beginner moga.

War Lepus: This rabbit general is quite tricky. His special ability is he will gains extra health when he successfully attacks our moga. Usually 8 or 18, like when I'm fighting him. I counter War Lepus level 14 with my Coldbear level 13. After exchanging poison and using Blue Coffee, I manage to catch this Epic War Lepus after using 11 Starseeds. What a waste.

From 25 Starseeds...

.. now only 14 remains.

Actually that was a good catch, because previously I failed to catch the Epic Winja, succeed in capturing Rare Hakka, and later succeed in finding Lepus and their general. (Irritating bugs happens to me when I'm throwing SS to Winja, my Monster Galaxy freeze, but my Firefox browser still work. After waiting patiently, I had to resort myself to refresh the game, and wachaaa, Winja is gone...)

So, that's the moga story for today. In case you are wondering, moga means MOnster GAlaxy.


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