Saturday, January 1, 2011

Top Gear's the Stig: Their farm where you can buy one

.: Seriously?? The Stig breeding farm? The place you can buy the Stig for your own? Are you serious???   X-O

Wait, who is this "the Stig" you said earlier?

Here he is..

Behind that white helmet is the very human you call: the Stig.

... one of rarest, anonymous speed demon out there~ (actually there are more than one "the Stig" out there). Because they are so crazy with super cars, addicted with the speed, that's why the world (especially the BBC gang) didn't want us to know where we can join their racing playground or get to know them personally. Except that one "the Stig" has already made himself public. (You-know-who)~~

Here, I bring you up and close to their breeding farm, where you might want to join this once-in-a-lifetime worldly training program or you can hire or buy one the Stig for your own.Without further delay, this is..

the World exclusive: inside the Stig farm (original title). 

BBC Top Gear's New Stig (November 2010) (Youtube title). 

Hilarious isn't it? Hahahaha~   X-D
Okay okay, that's it. Enough LOL-ing today. The Stig is the Stig, and you is you. There's only one you here in this world, so do not try the Stig speed driving at any time, or at an place. You, can make the difference~

m2mdoh: "In support of wearing the Stig helmet for safety driving or use the Stig 4Gb USB~"

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