Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pickomino and Lost Cities: Board Games has Invaded Your Facebook!

The Settlers of Catan
Let's settle down in Catan this time.
.: Have you played The Settlers of Catan?

If you are a big fan of social strategy game, you must play The Settlers of Catan now. But if you're not one, you must learn how to play Catan now so you will get addicted to it just like me, LOL~    X-D

If I'm not mistaken, BigFish Games has already released the PC version of Catan, but now it is nowhere to be found. Even if you search from their official website, Catan is not there anymore. Some rumor says that BigFish is no longer have the rights to sell that game again. :-(

Well, what we can do. Is there any other German-made game for we to try?

How about Facebook Pickomino Solo and Lost Cities Solo?

Pickomino Solo Facebook main menu.

Pickomino Solo by Reiner Knizia is dragon dice game. It is a simple game where you need to collect all numbered dominoes as you can by depending on your logic (which pair of dices should you take first) and your luck (how many paired dices will you get). Plus you must use your gut too, haha :-P

Pickomino Solo Facebook game.
This screenshot is taken from the random mode game. Dominoes on top is the one you want to get, and dominoes at the bottom is your winning collection. Random mode is much trickier than the classic mode, but it is quicker to win.

Yay! I win some gems!~~
If you wins your game round, you will have the opportunity to win some gems. This gems can be used to buy more useful power-ups or energies so you can play it again and again and again~ This gems work as your global currency, you can use it to buy items from the Zabu stores and use it in all Zabu Studio's games~

Because Pickomino's energy run out pretty fast, so I decided to try other Zabu games : The Lost Cities~

Lost Cities Solo Facebook main menu.
Lost Cities Solo on Facebook is also a game by Reiner Knizia. It's a card game, with our opponent is no one.  The theme is to start an expeditions, claiming some new land with risking your smart-guessing work. What work? Your work aka your true task here is to stack your expedition cards properly from random stacks of cards...

Each time you win a round, you will advance to the next expedition stage. I manage to expand my land up to the sixth stage (and later to the 9th stage), and how about you? Come on, this game is easy~~   X-D   :-P

Before I leave you to start your own dice-picking and card-stacking, can I leave you with a video of a dragon? As a tribute to Pickomino's chicken eaten by the dragons and together with the latest Facebook updates from The Settlers of Catan~~

Dragon Age 2 Trailer - Destiny Extended.

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