Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Red Panda Cow with Kung Fu Panda movie ending.

.: A tribute to all panda in the world, especially to the adorable cute firey red pandas~~ yeah yeahhhh~~   X-D

Today's hot story is about the baby cow which looks like a panda, aka baby panda cow aka pandow or cownda... urghhh, whatever. Born in a farm in northern Colorado, this black and whitey pand-calf is thought to be one of 24 rarest panda-cows in this whole world.

Golden panda cow?

The miniature panda cow is the result of genetic manipulation somehow goes quite well. It took Richard Gradwohl, a Covington, almost 44 years of hard work breeding and mixing 8 different breeds of miniature cow before successfully come with this new panda + cow. BTW, picture above is not Richard, he is Chris Jessen, the new and proud owner of that baby panda cow.

rare panda cow born on colorado farm.

Bye bye $30,000 baby panda cow~

Wait? Who is that cuddly cat?
No, it's not a cat, it's a red panda. Red panda is muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch more way cuter than normal panda or the "extraordinaire" panda cow~

Red panda, say "Hi~" please~~    :-D
Naaaaaaaaaaaahhh~~   ;-P

Eh? Please, please my love red panda please, say "Hi~" again~~  :-)
*Yawn* Nope, maybe next time~~ It's sleeping time~

Via and credits to~~
i) Panda cow:
ii) Red Panda image credits:

So, last panda story before mamdoh go, a farewell panda video for you~ (This scene *should be* from Kung Fu Panda (Widescreen Edition) DVD).
kung fu fighting ( kung fu panda ) end of the movie.

Heeheee~ :->

m2mdoh: "In support of streaming-breeding more red pandas. Red Panda is cute~"

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Bette said...

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