Saturday, January 8, 2011

How to do your Perfect Sit-ups the right way, as seen on TV.

.: January 2011: It is not too early to start doing exercises to maintain our body physique and keeping fit. Simple exercises can be done almost everywhere, we can do it outside or inside our home (or in a gym). Jogging, walking, rope skipping, balloon workouts, and do push ups/sit ups is example of exercises we can do daily.

Perfect Sit-Ups?

While most of us do exercises to keep healthy and become more energetic, sit-ups is one exercise that will redesigned and beautify our body, especially to our stomach and our abdomen abs. Flatter stomach can be seen with regular sit-ups, while plenty of correct and perfect sit-ups can give us the most-craved, the most wanted God gift to humans, the six packs.

Apparently, someone out there has invented a fitness device which helps us to do perfect sit ups as seen on TV?

Introducing the Perfect Situp, From the Creators of the Perfect Pushup.

PerfectPushup2008 claims that:
"Having a six-pack is pointless if your stomach sticks out—if what you want is a smaller, more defined waistline, you must work the deep lower ab muscles. The Perfect Situp—our newest addition to our home gym product line—is the first fitness device of its kind to engage all four sets of abdominals."
September 16, 2010.
Really? Engage all 4 sets of abdominal muscles? While Super-Trainer founder, Kaiser Serajuddin says that this Perfect Situp is just "an ads written by some of the best copywriters alive", I personally believe that if I had Perfect Situp here in my home, it might work pretty well. It looks pretty solid with their claims of working all my ab muscles. Even GadgetReview gave them 3 and half stars without watching the introductory video first about the audible coach...

But, just let this one slip. Because I had better article and video to share with you. Learn How to do perfect sit-ups they way they should be done, via MailOnline, or, learn it visually from Youtube, Perfect Sit-ups (you need to turn up your volume a bit). Other learning site like Body-Fizzeek, Sit up the right way.

Here is a video in case you are boring with your current slow mo and peaceful sit-up exercise. This is considered as professional exercise level, so do not try this at home if you can't do proper sit ups and you have no solid 6 packs. Seriously don't do it.

Dragon flag. Via BodyBuilding Forum.

That's it for now. Happy 'sit up'-ping~ :-D

m2mdoh: "In support of love your six packs more than your sweet packs...??"

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