Friday, January 28, 2011

What do you write as your book cover foreword?

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When we buy new books, or new diary, or new novels, the most common thing we write inside our new book is our name, our phone number and / or our home address. Some might write a very short description, with the day and the date when they buy it, which shop, or maybe they just sign the book.

I had a very "normal" experience about this, but you can share me what you thought about it.

When I was young (lol), I love to read my school textbooks. Sometimes I read my senior textbooks just to get the insights what will I learn in future. And one day, I notice that one book I read has more than name or phone number. It has a poem? Or it is not a poem? Let's read it together~~

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Image by mckaysavage.

It's true right?   ;-)

No, not that one. This one~

This book is mine, 
by right divine, 
and if it goes astray, 
I'll call you kind, 
myself you've to find, 
and give me straightaway~ 

So? Is it a poem or it is not? But this writings stay in my head all the time. Each time I buy a book or I get books as presents, I'll write this together with my name and the date. It's kinda a cute warning when i read it, hahaha.

Image by thinboyfatter.

Or is it called the motivational words for people who found it if that book is lost? Hurmmm.. a twisted way to politely ask people to return it back.   ;-)

Before I end up this post, here is another motivational picture for all of us. A quick self-provoking thought about making decisions and taking actions.

Image by aloshbennet.

If you buy a new item with place to write your own foreword, what will you write?  :-)

m2mdoh: "In support of giving back and recover owner's motivation by returning back their lost books."


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