Saturday, January 15, 2011

Heidi, das schielende Opossum: Squinted eyes is painful(?) but Heidi is cute~

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Today is the day you should express your true love to your loved ones. Don't wait until it's too late, just do it now. Express your love to everyone, especially to our beloved Heidi, the minimized-visionary opossum~   ;-(

Who is Heidi? Before we get to know Heidi a lot more, let's study a little bit about squintism...

Squinting is..
..inevitable adjustment to the abnormal positioning of the eyes.

Very very little eh?   :-P

While squint is known to occur in humans (Strabismus), squinting or cross-eyed marsupial is uncommon in online world, and almost none of it can be found to become an internet hit. Thanks to Heidi, squinted eye problem gets a worldwide spotlight.

Heidi, the female opossum with different view of the world

Usually, squinted eye is a condition where the eye pupil is not symmetry as it normally do. But in Heidi's case, she had the *almost* perfect squint unlike normal squint do. Her squint style is famous in cartoons or mangas or manhwas, but to see it live in living beings, wow, it's really really shocking~~

Opossum, an animal-look-like-a-rat-to-me is from the marsupial family, which raises their young in a pouch (imagine a mommy kangaroo with her baby being shrunk) is also an excellent climbers. They are omnivorous, feeding on both animals and plants, and luckily they have big mouth too. Opossums can open their jaws to almost 90 degrees, and when they bite, you can only wish they will never ever bite you.

I dunno whether Heidi can really act, but as an opossum, I bet she is excellent actress when playing dead. Acting is their another special emergency plan because when they "dead", they emit a foul smell while slowing down their breathing and heart rate at the same time. Which means, you should think thrice, quadrice and quince before taking any opossum as your house pet.

Is there any working treatments for squinted eyes? Leipzig Zoo is trying to help Heidi recovers by reducing her body fat deposit over time by... dieting. Yes, high fiber and low energy diet can help reducing her total body mass safe and sound..

Cross-eyed opossum is Germany's latest star.
"Body fat should go downward this way," says sniff sniff Heidi.

Just in case you want to support Heidi, don't forget to visit her Facebook, Heidi, das schielende Opossum, or watch her sensational music video at Heidi the cross-eyed opossum is a Facebook hit, or, can you check for me either Heidi resembles Remy or not? Hurmmmmm....

m2mdoh: "In support of being grateful for being unique. Squinted or not, you and me = u n i q u e ~~"

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