Friday, December 24, 2010

Yeayyyy!!~~ Google Doodle celebrates Holidayyyy~~ :-D

.: I'm a fan of *selective* art and creative literature. Above all, I just love creativity, and the best creativity I love the most is in form of arts and videos (and games too, heehee)~~ That's why Google Doodle is one of my art food for my soul~  ;-)

Today, I found Google Doodle is slightly become bigger, it comes with more links, and more pictures, and more holidays~


Google Doodle celebrates 2010 holidays all around the world~~

Heehee~ Google Doodle is in festive mood~

Originally Google doodlers plans to have this doodle covered in three day period, but later changed their mind when they realized that most people is likely to be away from their PC during this year end festivals. This beautiful doodle is different from previous doodles because this doodle is a collection of doodles, instead of one logo represents one doodle like usual. Today's Google Doodle is made of 17 colorful hand-drawn illustrations inside brown frames, representing celebrations held from around the world~

This Google Doodle is much more interactive if you view it in HTML5-capable browser (like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome or the latest IE9)~ 

Places to go to celebrate the festive spirits together~
  • Morocco for their henna lamps~ 
  • Singing "Up on the housetop" this December 25th 
  • Wearing Kanga in Africa 
  • Hiking mountains in Nepal
  • Taking pictures of chili peppers.. 
  • Dancing the Indian styles 
  • Eating my pierogi dumplings in Poland 
  • Satisfy my Bûche de Noël cravings 
  • Pay a visit to Moscow watching St. Basil's Cathedral 
  • Watching night stars at Acropolis of Athens, in Greece 
  • Breath the air of Mountain Fuji in Japan 
  • Hitch on Sydney ferry enjoying my Sydney Harbour view (or wait for New Year's fireworks?) 
  • Picking fresh grapes in Chilean vineyard 
  • Ride on gondolas in Venetian lagoon
  • Buying a mini Oud key chain in Turkey 
  • Strolling along the Great Wall of China 
  • Celebrate new year in Sahara desert~ 
Oh, so many things to do, so may places to go~ Yay yeahhhhhh~~   X-D
Via TheEpochTimes and ThirdAge.

m2mdoh: "In support of creativity and doodles get along together~"

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