Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nintendo 3DS and 7 New Nintendo DS2 Design???

.: I don't know it is a rumor or what, but recently I heard that Nintendo DS2 (NDS2) is coming soon~ So how will it look like? Very iPhoney or very Apple-y???

Until now, we have 3 version of Nintendo DS: Nintendo DS Lite (mini DS), Nintendo DSi (enhanced DS) and Nintendo DSi XL (plus size DS). Though original DS is still sold today, but I like that DSi XL the most~~ :-D

NDS Lite, NDSi, and NDSi XL sixe comparisons.
You can see there is some differences between all three DSes. The only drawback if you buy a DSi XL is the pixel will look obvious - because that DS has to enlarge the (old) game to fit the large screen~ Try Medabots Kuwagata to see how a "pixelated" game looks like~ X-D

But Nintendo won't stop there. They will produce much better, faster and PC-like handheld console for us. (To compete with Sony PSP?)   :-?

Enough about old NDS stories, here is my collected fan-made pictures of the new NDS2~ (Although some images does not refer to DS2, let's say that these designs is nominated for the our incoming DS2, okay? And please vote which one is your favorite~) Heehee~   :-D

1. GameSpot Forums: More New! Funny DS fakes

Bulky eh? :->

2. WiiNoob: A New Concept Design for the Nintendo DS Gaming Console

I remembered Star Wars ship after looking at the third sequence~   X-D

3. SlashGear: Nintendo imminent DS refresh & Wii HD development rumors.


4. GamesLatest: Could this be the new DS?

DS-dled? (Kindle with controller?)

5. Tech Static 101: Nintendo 3DS.

Like a folded Digivice gameboy~

6. Gizmodo: New Nintendo DS Debuting Mid-2009, Sources Say.

Asymmetrical dual screen~

7. Behold the new Nintendo DS Lite Air!

WOW!!! DS Air!!!   X-D X-D X-D

Yeah, rumors is sweet and tasty. The very recent of upgraded Ninendo DS is still the N3DS. Videos below is meant to make us drools~~   X-O'

Nintendo 3DS Preview - E3 2010. 
Close up reviews about the outer part of DS. I can see that!~~   X-D

Nintendo 3DS - First Hands On. 
A closer view of 3DS games in action~   X-O'''

But, if you really want the ultimate Nintendo DS 2009 so very badly, you should start saving a lot lot lot more to buy it. Here it is...

...your ultimate 2010 Nintendo DS!!!   X-D

But, should we have more and newer DS?   :-?

*** Last minute DS2 update ***
#. Infendo: Looking into 2010, New Nintendo Handheld?

Transformer DS~~   :-D
*** Update ends~ ***


m2mdoh: "In support of touch screen should be Kinect like~~?"

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