Thursday, December 23, 2010

Desperately in need of a loo (toilet).

.: Speaking of desperation..

UNICEF "Desperate" (English). may think about this too...

Imagine No Toilets.

...and later you might say that..

Sanitation is Swell!
(Her writings is originally in backwards. Dunno why they upload this video in reverse..)

...and don't worry, because...

Sh*t talks. Talk back. case you're still wondering what is the message here... (read the subtitles please)

Japanese Funny Commercial TOTO toilet that's why the next time we poop comfortably in our house, remember that there are children who cannot go to school (and more worse, people died) not because they cannot poop comfortably, it is because they lack the basic sanitation system therefore they're unable to poop like we do! (Get the relation here?)  :-?
  • lack of proper and clean sanitation system --> 
  • children and adults getting sick --> 
  • people died... -->
  • how could you leave them like that... -->
  • So, help by spreading the words around~  -->
  • Donate and help, give talks, educate others --> 
  • be grateful and appreciate our toilet more... 

How to do it?
Back to video no #2, "We just have to.."

m2mdoh: "In support of live life pooping properly and comfortably."

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