Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pls Read: A Very Personal Appeal so Personal that I Really Want You to Help Out.

.: I got a funny look when people I'm telling people my blogging love. Especially when I told them I make money from the Net with my blog.

Let's just say that some people are skeptical when we want to try something new. Something that we believe can bring change to our future, our lifestyle, our financial freedom. They cannot believe it, computer can give you money. But strangely they believe in winning lottery numbers...   :-(

It's okay. No offense. No strings attached by 'N Sync.

Almost two years after my first post, I manage to get strange amount of traffic. At first I didn't believe it, but one post of mine, the Blue Waffle posts, is the post which brings me such a shocking numbers of traffic. Checking my Google Analytics over and over again, yeah, now I can believe my four eye again. This blogging thing did do wonders to me.

Although it's not the most popular blog (yet), by seeing that amount of traffic makes me work even harder to prove my blogging love. I need to post new articles everyday, share more quality information, be humorous here and there, whatever I need to do to show that I love blogging the most, more than reading my manga or playing Backyard Monsters in Facebook! I know I need to work even more harder!

So, before I continue with my hard work, I beg to all of you, to kindly share with me a modest donation to support my beloved free online encyclopedia, the one and only, Wikipedia is a source of free information, can be use by you and me, without any payments paid to them. With, you will never need to pay to access your information. Not even being interrupted by any sorts of online ads at all, just a place of free information for us to use.

Together, we can keep it free of charge and free of advertising. If you love to use Wikipedia like I do and want to keep it forever that way, do not hesitate to sustain our beloved Wiki with a modest donation of $20, $35, $50 or more. Wikipedia needs us, and we can help them do this. Help free information to grow, it's not only for us, but for our younger generation. (You know how pricey information today, right?)

Please, please help I begging you with all my heart.

Yours truly,



P.S.: This post is created because wants you to help Wikipedia too.
Original appeal. (click to enlarge).
Moot's appeal~ (click to enlarge).
P.P.S: Don't forget to click Christopher Poole Appeal and Donate to Wikipedia, kay?

m2mdoh: "In support of some information should be free~~ "
What cat? That annoying cat????   X-D

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