Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3D Art : There is No Actual Running Girls Being Used Here...

.: Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!~~ :-D
3 days of no internet, just movies on TV and mouthful of kek lapis~~ :-P
No internet = no new posts.. :-(

Among many many art style out there, it seems that *now* everyone is in love with 3D. Dunno why, but 3D arts is awesome? Or 3D Avatar is awesome? From 5 different art style I've posted before, 3D art is one useful way to help lessen the speed demon on our roads. How to make drivers slows down when in driving in housing area full of kids appearing from nowhere? This is how?

You're Probably Not Expecting a Child to Run Out On the Road

Usually, I will read some of the video comments, and up to certain degree, I agree that someday or later, people might "get used" to it and will run over any running girl and say such innocent phrase like, "Oh, I think I'm hitting a 3D?" :-(

All things and stuffs in the world is balanced : got pros and cons, yin and yang, good and evil, rick and roll, got you and me mine and m2mdoh~~ :-P

We'll be having more story about art today. :-)

The next one is about recovering lazyholic. Dunno what kind of lazyholic would be happy with this, but, just take it as it is. Of all things we need in the world is the thing we want less?
Ouch! 8 glasses per day? Aaaa..
Live love live life
;-) Irony~~ The world is filled with irony, but do we take irony just as irony? Or will we take action with our irony? :-?

The next one will be a kitteh. A kitteh so ordinary that she spells her name out! :-O
Check it out, nice~~ :-)  Subhanallah :-)

The last art here is the one that ask us to think about the Chilean miners. The question is, What if everything you needed to survive has to fit through this space? Very educational and impressive way to tell the people of the world how big is the whole hole that connects between the two world... (Tongue twister anyone?) :-P

This video below is definitely out of topic. And I think I've found the next internet meme for cats. Introducing: The air sucker kitteh!!~~ (Please don't think of any explicit act from this video. My blog is also a blog for kids..)

Kitten suckles air *ORIGINAL*

Okay, that's it I think, our art for today. After this I need to research for something else. Ummmmm... :-( Maybe next time.

m2mdoh: "In support of artsy is very educating~~"
Art imprinting? :-?

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