Thursday, September 2, 2010

Viral Villain: CatbinLady VS GurlthrowinPuppyinRiver

.: Crazy beyond limit. Sadist on the loose? OMG!!

I didn't know you, but this is super internet villain here is competing for who can become the next internet villain superstar!

Is there is no more love on this planet? Has everyone got out of his or her mind already? Too many is not too good? Where is our humanly being here? Are cats and dogs is not a living being? Geez, how pathetic!

Still no idea? Here is why...

Genuine psychopath caught on camera (Coventry Woman throws Cat In wheelie bin), via Buzzfeed.


Twisted Girl Throws Puppies in River **This video contains scenes of repeated animal cruelty**, via Liveleak.

Question: Which one is the more villainous??

Crazy!! Are these two women had enough animals in their life? I'm sorry if this is so disturbing, but this IS disturbing! I remembered that humans, yes, me and you, have 2 different persona masks. The one that we always wears is the persona mask we reserved for socializing with other people. The real persona aka our own self persona is only available when we are alone in our own safe territory. But I bet some human just cannot contain and control her persona in her own territory anymore..

Enough of that one. Mary Bale, aka CatbinLady, is the second latest viral villain on internet right now. With her rising villainous videos, online games, and a fake Twitter account, this 45 years old woman may face the greatest animals protests and humiliation of all time (even though she did ask for an apology). Her contender?? Latest twisted girl somewhere near a river on earth is taking her time disposing her puppies one at a time. With $2,000 bounty reward for this crazy inhumane female pitcher, plus extreme violence threat from internet forum 4chan, this 2010 Cruella De Vil is reported has posted an apology video on YouTube...

Cruelty is one contagious behavior. It goes waayyyyyyyy back time. Here is one of the unforgettable KittykillerHeels dated from 2006 and 2008...

Such cruelty... I have no more words already. Hope today will bring more good news for us, Ameen.

m2mdoh: "In support of kids should never watch such cruelty so they will grow up and be kind with every living being... Safe the planet and all living being!!!"


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