Monday, September 6, 2010

Digimon Story: Lost Evolution, The World Ends with You, and Medabots Metabee

.: New game? Old game remake? Game is good for your math?

The first time I encountered Digimon is the one in the device type: Digimon pendulum. Later it become Digivice, Digi.. I dunno what other Digi device out there but I'm sure there's a plenty of them. Then my next encounter is the Digimon World (USA)/Digimon Story (JPN) for PlayStation. That's the world of Digimon where I'd love to go if I was the "chosen" kid, haha :-P

Digimon World is a game where I got to care for my "pet", which is called the Digimon. (I think Digimon stands for digital monster). At that time, we have 5 different baby Digimon, and each can only be obtained after the death of the previous pet. The only thing about Digimon that fascinates me until today is how each Digimon grow up, a.k.a. digivolve while listening to the sound effect, such as "Koromonnnn... digivolve toooo...." blahblahblah~ Hahaha X-D

Then comes the Digimon Movie. The very first movie about Digimon, whoaaa~~ :-D I like the first short movie, where the Digi egg comes out from the computer screen~ And bam! Bam! Bam! Terror, conflicts, Digi fights, rapid multiple Digivolve, whoaaa~ I like it like the Facebook like button, heehee X-D

Digimon do resembles Pokemon in some sort of manner, like caring for "monsters", the need to fight a lot, and the urge to see all complete monster "evolutions". But I like to say Pokemon resembles Digimon first, but never mind, I played both games too~ :-P (I encounter Digimon first before I encounter Pokemon).

Digimon games is quite addictive. The only games that I like it's adventure is the first Digimon World. The 2nd one, the 3rd, 4th, Data Squad, blahblahblah is boring. I still like wandering around the woods, or swimming or flying around the world, fighting and collecting and solving mysteries. And unlocking certain scenes (with cinematic movie) is a must haves to make my Digimon World game more interesting. Other Digimon games lacks the caring part because caring for pets is boring, especially when you always get Numemon in the end, haha :-)

The same error also can be found in Digimon World NDS (Nintendo Dual Screen) version. Why they didn't continue the adventure mode, the caring mode, I still don't get it. Those caring is the essential part of Digimon, delete this part, Digimon is boring. It's like you're playing using gameshark cheats if your Digimon World game don't have this caring system. Aaaaargh! X-O Play the Digimon World DS first, then play the Championship or the Dusk or Dawn version and you'll get what I meant.

Ultra boringness, boring, boring, and boring, X-O (But I still play them, hohoho) :-P

Lucky me the new Digimon NDS is back to the first gameplay. Looking at the trailer, whoohoo.. I'm drooled here, wondering why I find it hard to learn reading Japanese? If I understand Japanese, I will able to play this game, hurm... :-(

And now, presenting~~~ Digimon Story: Lost Evolution [デジモンストーリー ロストエボリューション] (JPN)~~ With new gameplay, new world, but with the same caring and mystery solving adventure~~ :-D

デジモンストーリー ロストエボリューション PV

Can't wait to get my hands on this English Digimon World: Lost Evolution~~ ;-)

Here is another NDS games that might rock your other world~ :-P

The World Ends With You

This game, through many incarnation, now is the perfected version of all~ Got 2 version, the Metabee and the Rokusho version~ Still the old GBA game is the best game of all. New Medabots is also boring~~ X-O When will Medabots NDS will be out?

GameBoy Advance Medabots - Metabee Version Intro

Heehee, that's my reminiscence of my old Digimon, TWEY and Medabots game. What is your old game memoir? :-)

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