Wednesday, September 8, 2010

10:10 AM or 10:10 PM? Japanese Watches = WOW!

Tokyoflash Hanko, amazing modern light watch, oh yeah~~
.: Why do all clocks or watches displayed in advertisements shows the hands at "10 and 2", 10:10 or ten past ten?

Now it have been my daily routine to check for new posts from my followed blogs. There are blogs about Malaysian politics, comic with blogger motivation to write 250++ words a day, UmmuHusna, Zaharuddin, Saifulislam, etc which I take them as my daily thinking medicine. Good for my inner health, but I need to restrain myself from taking too much "medicine" because I research and reads many many featured and trending and wikis plus videos a day, because I love my eye you know...

Okay, leave my rantings aside, this one particular post from Bersama Mazidul Akmal Sidek : Perkongsian Hitam Putih Kehidupan, is about ten past ten. Your yesterday cannot be undone today... nahhh, just kidding. It is about why every new clocks or watches (and maybe applies to digital watches as well) shows the time as 10:10? Yeah, ten past ten, why?? What is the rational? Universal MoU's between all watch makers?

Casio G-Shock

(Strangely Mr Mazidul post is dated 10 October, y2K9 - ehhh??)   :-)

To get the answers, visit this Yahoo! India Answers. Beautiful symmetry? Happy smiley? More visibility? What? Victory?? Or the downfall of Muslim leaders? Which one is more likely to be the answer? But 10:10 for watches has been the the universal standard already... (Not a very serious curiosity problem?) :-P

But, if the watch is for me, it is my usual habit to add up 19 more minutes when I'm setting my time. Reason? I want to brush up my maths by subtracting (minusing) 19 minutes from the actual time. Why 19? If I fasten up my time just 2 or 3 minutes earlier, that mathematics is just way too easy. Say, now the time is 10:10 AM, so what is the time now? 10:08 AM? Too simple! How about 10:10 AM with 19 minutes early? 09:51 AM, rite? Heehee ;-)

To minus from 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 is easy, but to minus from 17, 18, 19, or maybe 38, or 49 is quite tricky. Good for our mental health, but if you're in hurry, doing tricky simple maths calculations just to look at your current time might pissing you off, haha X-D I've done that already, but restrain is crucial for our maths~   ;-)

If you look closely at the TokyoFlash Hanko watch above, can you guess what is the time already? Leave your answer minus 19 minutes late, okay? Heehee :-)

m2mdoh: "In support of simple mathematics quizzes blowing our mind in daily life is good for our mental health~"

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