Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ukraine Firefighter with 3D Invisible Hands Talking about Art

.: Hope that post title doesn't sound too catchy for you~~
Heehee ;-P

I have 4 admirable videos to share with you. And this video contains exceptional art, done by hardworking humans with amazing graphical abilities. This is a proof by God, as God only gives you what you want (eg. this amazing abilities) if you really work for what you want...

Wonderful Art Video of Kseniya Simonova who just won Ukraine's version of "America's Got Talent
Ukraine's Got Talent? Yes, this sand painting brings us the sad tragedy of Ukraine's firefighters back in 1945 World War II. Notice how she craft-fully "draws" the surroundings and people, and how she transforms each scene to another...
More sand painting for you in the related videos~

Amazing hand art 
Hypnotism? Optical illusion? Animal-tion??  No, it's their hands being drawn! ;-P   What type of paint did they use to produce such "realistic" animal on their hand? Oil painting?

Tracy Lee Stum -3D Street Painting
Better than 3D movies in your cinema, hahaha ;-P To feel the 3 dimensional feeling, you need to view it from a certain degree to make it work...

artist Liu Bolin the amazing invisable man part 1
He is one guy I cannot understand. Is he drawing himself, or did he get someone else to draw him and he is just sits here or stands there to fits inside his surroundings? (Because everyone is saying he is the invisible painter!) You tell me.. ;-)
Watch the part 2 too (and try to locate where is he "assimilated" aka hides, heehee)~

I used to draws mangas before, until I dropped it because I'm not good in drawing girls, creating my story scripts plus I don't understands how film director choose such angle or take this or that view for his or her movies. I just don't get it. :-P

Extraordinary ambidextrous drawing skills
One last video I want to share with you...

Amazing things is out there~~ Subhanallah :-)

m2mdoh: "In support of showing gratitude to Allah by using our hands for what it suppose to do."

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