Sunday, November 14, 2010

6 Rainbows You Can Keep~ ^ v ^

Title: Rainbow is outside, so go outside~~
When things go wrong,
When sadness fills your heart, 
When tears flows from your eyes... 
Please let me know, 
Share it with me,
Don't bear it yourself, 
I want to be there with you,
I will be your shoulder, 
I will cease your pain, 
I'm selling tissue, you buy one and I'll give you two~~ 
Hahaha~~ X-D :-P

I used to have a blog dedicated in creative texting such like this one, but I hiatus it because I lack my resource somewhere. (Ouch!) But this post is not about texting, it is about rainbowing~~ :-)

I remembered that when I was asked what is my favorite colours, I used to say I love many many colours then. Especially if it is colorful like the rainbow. Why limit yourself to one if you can have it all? Haha, but of course it will look funny and awkward if you go all rainbow with your dress. Need to do some mix and match so it won't go overboard, rite? :-)

Mmmm, baju batik is quite rainbow sometimes, isn't it?   :-)

Let's see our rainbow now, shall we?

Rainbow no. 1: (Double) Rainbow malt cake, from the left to the right~~

M&Ms~ Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmms~~ :-D
Stephcookie, an ABC Malaysian Sydney blogger? is the sweet mastermind of this rainbowy malt cake. I didn't know how come vanilla persian fairy floss gets himself attached to this lovely cake, but I think I'm gonna munchmunch nomnoms this cake from side to side like crazy, hahahaha X-D

Rainbow no. 2: Rainbow cupcakes is now in mini mode~

Rainbow clones, yesszaaaaaaaaaaa~~ X-D
Monicajoy, as joyful you can look from her profile picture, bakes this after taking having too much of her rainbow time. (You know that I was making this up, sorry Monica). But her colorful cup clones is marching happily and this is soooooooooo irresistible~~   X-D

Rainbow no. 3: Scientific Rainbow Jello Recipe?!

Now you can make your rainbow very very jelly-cious~   :-D
Believe it or not, Stephanie Le is an amazing scientist who able to make rainbows out of her beaker! Whoaaa~~ I thought I'd never see rainbow jelly so jelly-cious~~   X-D

Rainbow no. 4: Zoku zoku nooooo.... Double Rainbow Quick Pops!!~~

Frozen rainbows, how cool is that? ;-)
If you ever read or watch One Piece, you'll know what gomu gomu no is, heehee ;-)  Zoku is a group of creative individuals who loves to bring rainbows into our home - through their intelligent design and engineering. I'm not promoting here, ya? :-P But that quick pops is waaaaaay too cool!  X-D

Rainbow no. 5: Rainbow brighter - Resin necklace. Necklace pompoms~~

So bright, so rainbow even your baby loves it~  :-)
$25.00 USD. Only one available, first come first serve basis. How exactly can you put pompoms into a heart-shaped resin, eh Stoopidgerl? Can you teach me that, pleaseeee?   :-D

Rainbow no. 6: Here comes the sun - Rainbow, dove, and the last drop of rain.

My Sunshine, you'll gonna love this~~ (and loves me~~)   :-D
7 simple polyester ribbon can brighten up your day. Didn't believe MIXKO can come up with this. Your necklace rocks!  :-)   My Sunshine, where are you?

That is all 6 rainbows you can keep for today. If this continue to merge, we might see a lot more rainbow here or in a separate blogs. Rainbo-Wiki?  ;->

Told you I'm gonna go rainbowing here, heehee~~ :-)

m2mdoh: "In support of keeping what we can keep~"

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