Friday, November 12, 2010

In-flight Safety Instructions: Cute Kids Teaches Dancing Adults.

.: When you boarded your flight, greet the steward/stewardess, kept your luggage at its place, be seated and maybe ordered your drink, do you ever take note what are the in-flight crew says when they do the safety demonstrations in front? Haa...  :-?

You might hear that safety instructions if that is your first time flying. But after frequent flight you might not even bother hearing the same things again. Repetition equals to boredomness.. rite? Haha  :-)

But how about we repeat the same thing but now with a little twist? I've got two in-flight safety instruction video here, and I need your comments to determine which demonstrations get your eye popped and makes you remember every instructions without fail. Make sure to watch it until the last seconds, and then give your open vote, okay?   ;-)

Video 1.) Thomson In Flight Safety Film 'Alice The Chief Steward'.

These cute girls and boys do become a wise and clever adults later, God willing~   :-)

Video 2.) Cebu Pacific FAs dancing.

Or perhaps at their time this kind of dancing practice become a compulsory skills if you want to apply for in-flight crews? LOL~ :-P

Vote now for "Which in flight safety instructions makes me remember the whole demonstration thing while my jaw is dropped?" X-D

m2mdoh: "In support of follow the rules so everyone will be happy~~"

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