Tuesday, November 16, 2010

iApps? Zonbi zonbi Zombigotchi is NSFC.

.: Introducing, pet cruelty in digital world: Zombigotchi. Seriously NSFC - NotSuitableFor(any)Children.
Zombigotchie - afterlife might not be that happy...
I thought I'm going to see a cute 2D pixelated zombie but I'm wrong. This is a Finkbom app, available for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with OS3 or higher. Cruelly cute, Zonbi zonbi the Zombigotchi loves being petted and drinks A+ blood type in his cells. I do not have any actual iPhone to try this app, but I think it is quite nonsense time-waster~

Zombigotchi - Make Your Own Zombigotchi.

What I want for Zonbi zonbi the Zombigotchi?
  • it should have PVP (player versus player) like Digimon so it can socialize and collect bling bling items. 
  • ability to multi-equip: we can add extra tail, extra weapons, or extra costumes so Zonbi zonbi won't be alone and able to catwalk and demolish things around him. 
  • a tacgnol. Tacgnol can emerge from anywhere on the screen and battles with Zonbi zonbi. And Zonbi zonbi never wins, LOL~
  • other features I'm going to think again tonight... :-P 

Zombigotchi - Petting.

Is this pet is good enough to be your tamagotchi? Priced at £1.19, Zombigotchi offers you 5 unlockable characters (frienzzah? - talk like a zombie), 2 unlockable subgames (mizzionzah?) and 25 bloody collectable zombie cards?!! (Zombieh hold'em??)

Enough already about pet cruelty, you should play other games with the meanest settings with the hardest level here in CasualGamer.

Zombiegotchi news is via Buzzfeed, Top 10 hardest online games too and visit your Zombigotchi store to view more zombie movies and updates and creating your own zombie whoahahaha~~

m2mdoh: "In support of normal tamagotchi is always cute."
:-P Or you might want to have your own desktop-gotchi?

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