Friday, October 29, 2010

Cat Playing Dead After Being Shot Contest (Again~) X-D

.: Which cat should be the victor? "My other compilation of cats playing dead after fake shooting~~" LOL X-D

funny pictures-ADORABLE

Our contestants~~

Cat play dead

Willow gets shooted by finger gun!
The basement cat faking death???

Willow gets shooted again

Cat playing dead when shot

Cat Playing Dead

Cat of my friend - Bang-bang trick #1

Cat of my friend - Bang-bang trick #2

Bang Bang Kitty

Cat tricks lay, sit, up, BANG, and roll over

Cat Trick - Bang Bang

Cat plays dead on command!

死んだふりをする猫 Cat Playing Dead

Cute Cat trick: Bang! Cat Playing Dead

Lucky doing the Bang! funny a cat will do this!...10-29-09

Cat Plays Dead When Shot

I dunno which kitteh wins your heart, but mine is definitely the last one, LOL~ X-D

My personal victor~~
fainting goat kittens... shot

But, just before we keep laughing and enjoying our fun, this very last video is dedicated to all of our playing dead friends all over the world.. If you have heart, go hug and be thankful to your mom, your brothers and sisters, your friends, your neighbors, and ultimately, your God...

My best friend died.avi

Our cats is our friends too~

m2mdoh: "In support of cuddles our cats softly~"

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