Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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.: Tama tama tamaaa~~ gotchi!

my first Tamagotchi blog pet~~ (before my new layout)

I love tamagotchi. When this thing was a hot trend at my younger age, I had no money to get one. So I borrow this virtual pet from my friends. It has the shape of an egg, and has only three button to press. With 10 menu available, tamagotchi captures my imagination and my dream: to have a pet where I can see what is the time now X-D (My priority to have a pet collides with my priority to have a watch).

Later, come the Digimon. Tamagotchi then become much more 'alive' and 'adventurous'~~ :-D They can fight or battle as they say it, digivolved, being 'cheated' with a mini-sized DIY-ed plastic to get the most powerful Teddymon (Monzaemon) or Mamemon, if you are lazy, you get the Numemon. X-D

The concept spread like wildfire, and another great Japanese fellow create Pokemon~ Now tamagotchi can travel and fight and traded and indexed in a pokedex. I am a big fan of game boy color, and at my age that time I still cannot afford myself to buy one. huhu.. :-x Too bad I cannot borrow from my friend that GBC, but somehow I managed to cure my addict to pokemon using the visualboy.exe playing the Blue version. :-P

Combining the desire to care for a pet, now this new milennia many gaming company multi-tasking the original tamagotchi concept. What I hate about them is when you want to equip your virtual pet with the most powerful skill, clothing, add ons, you need to use points/credits/in-game currency to get one. Still, tamagotchi-ed game make the most income in Facebook and online or browser-based game.

Among many pets I want from the digital world is a colored 2D keychain pet with the ability to copy other attack and had internal life plus has cute appearances and must be female version. If I get the male version, I want it emo-version with spiky hair/body/appearances~~ X-D (And I know, to get this 'virtual pet' of mine I had to invest in-game money about 999,999,999,999,999,999,999... aaaaargh!!)  X-O

Anyone knows where can I get the most-ultra precious and cute Betta splendens??  (^,^),v

m2mdoh: "In support of playing with lolcats and lolbirds and lolfish and lolhams and so many lols out there~~"

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