Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cat Shot Dead: BB Guns IS Dangerous! Meowth!

.: Naa.. Someone shared a video of cat being shot "cruelly" on Facebook, and I wanted to share it back with you. I want to ask something, Can you handle human cruelty? Can you handle being bullied? And Can you handle yourself being shot 50 times without mercy? >:-(

This is a story about true survival and BB guns. BB guns is the con-gun. Looks very similar, can be disguised as a toy, sold nearby your toy stores but BB guns itself it not merely a normal and safe toy - it's a cat-killing toy! >:-(
How a BB guns works - BBC News.

Yes, BB guns is dangerous. Dangerous to human and women and kids and babies and cats. Seriously. No kidding. Do you believe cats have nine lives? What if I tell you they have more? This is a short list about cats having more than 9 lives...
Watch her leg carefully. She is a very lucky survivor!
Every inventions is good. Ehem, some is not. But, it depends to the humans who possess that inventions. If they're good, good things happens. If they're bad, seriously bad things definitely happens! If all humans can be good boys and good girls... :-(

It is strange to see or hear youths become very very violent these days. Usually, logically only adults is violent. Why kids or youths can become violent too? After-effect and past influence from violent movies watched by a 2 year old toddler? Or youths just cannot stand their inferior curiosity how is the real taste of pain and violence? What influence them? Their parents? Their surroundings? Their cable TV? Or the internet???

Hurmmmm.. :-(   Sighing won't solve problems, but action can. Together we instill the sense of humanity into our beloved children and our young generations and also our current friends and to all people. If they still young and they enjoyed killing so much, what you think will happens when we're old and our grown violent children kills us because we're helpless or dementia-ted? :-(

Yeah, life is hard, but do not make it harder. It is our primary responsibility to make this beautiful world a heavenly place. Yes, together we can make the difference! :-)

Before mamdoh ends this tragical post, there is one video about cat being killed mercilessly. Yes, mercilessly. Suitable for all ages, to all beings in this world, or the other world. Watch it very carefully... :-P

Cat Plays Dead When Shot

Life is also filled with up and downs. If you're down, go up. Why wait downstairs? If you wait here, you'll be depressed. SO you must go up. Don't be together with despair down there, together we go up and go happy happy~~ Yeahhhh!~~ :-D
  • Credits belongs to all owners of the picture. I'm not affiliated with them. And their picture is essential. So, many many thanks to them. :-) 
  • And, cats don't have 9 lives. They have only 1 life. Yes, seriously. 

m2mdoh: "In support of no BB'ies and no BS."

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