Saturday, October 16, 2010

4 Blades Quattro: Some Ads are Controversial...

.: Stumbled this one picture on 4chan, and I'm on my mission looking for more "creative-food-for-my-mind".. Presenting..
So smooth it's so shiny~
Too bad I hate multiple razor. Last two weeks I bought the disposable Gillette blue 3 and give it a try. Naaaa.. too sharp, my sensitive skin is too sensitive? :-P So I'm back using my old-favored 2 razor shaver again, buying another 3 in a pack again...

I remembered I've seen this egg-drawing somewhere before~ Usually it drawn in a cartoonist manner, but this time, they do it the 3D manner, hahaha~  X-D

My journey to find other Schick Quattro shaver ads leads me to things called NSFW: Quattro for women to be specific. Uurgh, those bushes is too irony, uurghh.. X-O

Rule for clean creative innovative and provocative and controversial suitable-ads-for-all-because-kids-are-watching: stop using dirty-minded ads? :-?  If I were the one who asked how to do such ads for women, I would... I would...... (Now you should admit that things are easier said than done, aiyarkkk) X-O

Another tattoo ads related to shaving: Schick Quattro Great Print Ad Campaign: Tattoo.

And video ads.. Not very compelling ads I think..
Wolverine Origins Schick Quattro Razor Commercial.

Schick Quattro Titanium advert.
This video suits me best, yeah~ :-D 

If I'm no mistaken (again), our humane bushes should be trimmed in no more than 40 days. It doesn't matter the lower bush or the upper bush (your armpit underarm), we need to shave it clean. If we shave it after 40 days later, I'm afraid the growth of unwanted BO body odor bacteria will rocket exponentially.. Uuurghh.. X-O

m2mdoh: "In support of clean ads, clean body and lesser razor~"
Less razor = save more steel and metal.

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