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How to Catch Scud and Bladewing in Monster Galaxy Facebook.

.: First thing first - Monster Galaxy is boring, correct?

I couldn't agree no more. Many and many of my friends who played Monster Galaxy has become inactive. Other old and newer games are more addictive than Monster Galaxy. It's like once you able to gather a lot of Pokemon, and many events and quests have been done, or it's just too tiring leveling up your monster (experience gained is too low, leveling up need too much experience), sometimes bugsy and slow and crashes so often, suddenly the game now becomes very boring. Urghhhh.. X-O

On the verge of giving Monster Galaxy bye byes, eh, there is a new event moga - TWO of them, whoaaa.. X-D Okay okay, let's capture them before we go moga hibernation..

This events commemorates July the 04th (US Independence Day), where two rival mogas now team-up to collect more salmon, rabbits, and hotdogs held by slow-witted men and wrecking havoc to conquer your Windhym village. Our mission here is to take them down before their numbers is getting out of control while preserving the balance of our nature. Eh?

So the first moga we need to capture is Scud, a rocket jaws which about to blow but he just flying around sneakily. Eh? Scud is an uncommon moga and is very easy to find. Walk-and-flee the same area around 2 or 3 times and you can find one Scud trying to attack you. Naughty Scud, naughty!

Here comes Scud uncommon moga level 11~~ Fight Woolfie fight! X-D

The only thing to worry about any moga is their special attack. Some might fortify their defense, some are parasitic (it drains life energy), while other enhance their critical attack. Another type of special attack is the one which weaken your ultimate attack, aka Zodiac attack. This attack is not that scary because even if I use moga with zodiac 2x weaker than my opponent, my attack still become powerful. Another bug? Dunno..

Scud moga comes with Deaden, an attack which decreasing your critical attack power. If your critical normally can give maximum 389 hit, with Deaden in effect you can never reach that amount. Not a big deal actually.

It is just me or this new event moga now is 5 level lower than the highest moga level in our current party? My party has three level 16 moga, and Scud was level 11. Last time I played Monster Galaxy, any event moga I encountered will have the same level like my moga party. This is quite surprising..

Here comes the capture part. Oww man, after the new Moga Battle 2.0 update, many moga are now becomes an easy dummy target if you want to train and strengthen your moga. In other words, one KO hit is very easy to get (because of the automatic 5 level lower for our opponent moga), and capturing Scud is a 50-50 % chance. I should bring level 11 moga with my level 16 mogas so my moga attacks does not kill it instantly, hurmmm..

Scud moga is captured, mehhhhh~~ :-P

After a daringly tries (oh?! Poison level 3 reduce 50HP, Poison level 4 reduce 100HP?), 1 SS is enough to capture Scud. Alrightttt~ I'm done with Scud, now we move on to capture the Bladewing moga, an all American eagle??

How to capture Bladewing moga? This Epic moga is quite tricky to catch. First, it has 5 level lower than your strongest moga in your party (which means if you use the most powerful attack and high critical probability your might kills Bladewing in 1 KO hit). Secondly it has the Vampire Embrace attack, which sucks up your moga life energy to adds to it's own HP. I love to encounter this attack with poison attack in order to nullify Bladewing HP, and you can read my own War Lepus silly cheat to do the poisoning attack ;-)

Note: That cheat is useless if Vampire Embrace attack format is changed again from what I know before... In case you think that you might accidentally kills Bladewing, how about you try the last minute flee (run away) and later search for Bladewing again?

I was way too lucky because my Coldbear Ice has 15x Zodiac attack, yippie~~

Maybe my technique is too technical, here is a YouTube video by MW3andBF3~~

Catching Bladewing (8%) 4 Starseeds! (Edited Interestingly)
Warning: You need to slow down your speaker first before playing this video...

You cannot catch any moga is your own moga is 2 level low than your opponent.

And, before I end up this Bladewing post, here is a way to know if your StarSeed successfully catches your dream moga or not. First throw your SS to your preferred moga, and watch that moga name closely. Very shortly after your SS is thrown, if your opponent moga's name dissappear, it means that you successfully capture it. But if that moga's name is still there, please hope that you still have more SS is throw at it again...

So, happy throwing~~ X-D

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