Saturday, August 13, 2011

The All New Monster Galaxy iPhone: The Zodiac Islands (Canada)

Monster Galaxy iPhone game.
.: Surprise update!
Monster Galaxy is now live on iPhone! X-D

Last Saturday (Aug 06th) GaiaOnline has announced about the all new different Monster Galaxy game storyline and the best part of it is it has all-new Mogas and brand new world map to explore. Called as "Monster Galaxy : The Zodiac Islands", this Gaia's first free iOS game make it's debut only for iPhone or iPod touch users in Canada. Though worldwide release is somewhere near in future, other Monster Galaxy fans can only waits and get envious of their Canadian friends for now..

Brand new moga? What's up with the old Leviathan and Vuvu???

I didn't has any iPhone to give it a try, but maybe you can try to download Monster Galaxy : The Zodiac Islands from Apple iTunes and check whether non-Canadians can play it or not? heehee ;-)

  1. As the new Ophiucus zodiac has been discovered, do you think that Monster Galaxy will have 13 zodiac mogas? 
  2. Monster Galaxy : The Zodiac Islands is played with existing Gaia's account or from a brand new iTunes + Gaia account? 
  3. Credit: Both images belongs to GaiaOnline~

m2mdoh: "In support of Southeast Asia can be the first iOS Monster Galaxy game debut, can we?"

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