Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nyan Cat - the longest poptart ringtone ever~

.: Flying rainbow pink poptart? I want one, I want one!!~~~ X-D

Define pop tart (Wiki):
"Pop-Tarts is a brand of rectangular, pre-baked toaster pastries made by the Kellogg Company. Pop-Tarts have a sugary filling sealed inside two layers of rectangular, thin pastry crust. Some varieties are frosted. Although sold pre-cooked, they are designed to be warmed inside a toaster. They are usually sold in pairs inside foil packages, and do not require refrigeration."

Evidence? Hello Kitty *may* related to Nyan cat...
 /l__A\  ~~~~~~ Nyaaaaaa~
(=' w'=) ~~~~~~
( UU   )) ~~~~~~

This post is about how a nyaa accidentally becomes a Nyan cat. While many of you never encounter or heard a Nyan cat before, lemme tell you their story first.

One day...
  1. ..a faded Inception-like cat staring outside his windows at night looking very sad.
  2. he wanted to be Longcat sidekick, but he is not long enough and got kicked.
  3. he wanted to be friends with Happy cat, but he is a cousin of Serious cat.
  4. he wants to follow Monorail cat going shopping, but Monorail cat together with Bullet cat has gone as fast as lightning.
  5. Fed-up with his life, Inception-like cat screams his heart out like OMG cat until he hear a voice from the ceiling..
  6. "What do you want to be?" the Ceiling cat asks.
  7. "I want to be anything I like," he replied.
  8. "If so... Go out and become a poptard!" *Poof*
  9. thus, a Nyan cat is born... X-O

Nyan cat history..

And so Nyan cat embarks to his never-ending galaxy journey...

Nyan Cat [original]

How about we follow Nyan nyan piano journey for 10 minutes straight?

Nyan Cat on Piano! 【Extended】 10 Minute Edition

It's a bird? It's a plane? It's Nyan cat in space!

It's a Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannn situation.

Nyan Cat - SUPER OMEGA ALPHA Extended Version

It's a long journey trolling in milky way... Nyan cat wants to migrate to other galaxy after this. Too bad, Nyan cat encountered his eternal enemy!!

Nyan Cat vs Tac Nayn (original) (Listens with headphones please)
Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan versus nayn nayn nayn nayn nayn... It's over 9000!!!

After a very tiresome chasing, tac nayn suddenly go home because her mom asked her to bring back the milk she bought in Walmart, leaving Nyan cat continuing his nyan-ning journey again~

The Poptart Cat Live 'nyan nyan'
Dizzyness : Did I just see a real Nyan cat???

Enough of these nonsense. I want Nyan cat as my ringtone and strawberry poptarts, yeay yeahhhh~~ X-D

*** Update ***

*new* Nyan Cat [original]
Via : Buzzfeed - Nyan Cat YouTube time bar. (How on earth he add Nyan cat there?)

m2mdoh: "In support of creative soothing music without lyric...??"

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