Monday, June 13, 2011

Angry Birds eats Worms alive in Rio.

.: Lol :-P

Now everyone loves and plays Angry Birds. If you never played Angry Birds (like me), this is how it looks like~

Angry Birds In-game Trailer

When I see Angry Birds I always remembered my old buddy here. (It's been a long time I play with them though, haha)~

Worms Reloaded Debut Trailer (This sure brings back old memories~~)

There is one pixel game with the same game physics like Angry Birds, but I can't remember which game. To make a viral game is to resurrect old games but paint it with new bright and rainbowish colored game but maintains the same concept. Teenagers and grown ups like us for sure will hooked at the same game again, lol~ :-P

And someone cannot resist such old temptation and brings out the Angry Birds in 3D.
Real Life Angry Birds

This one looks more realistic in "fourth" dimensional~
T-Mobile Angry Birds Live

Here comes a enemy : Too bad Angry Birds has to fight for a new territory~~
Angry Birds Rio: Official Gameplay Trailer

Can't get enough? More Angry Birds here:

m2mdoh: "In support of do not fire any animals with your catapult."

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