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Gamebook: Strategy-based and Real Time Play~

.: This 5 browser games "emerged" because of Lone Wolf...

Long time ago (not that long), one of my classmate brings a gamebook into our class. The way to play with that gamebook is by flipping it and stop at random page - from there you can get the number of your dice and that total will determine your next action. You can also throw an actual dice, but flipping is much easier :-P

Lone Wolf : This is the game book I mentioned earlier..
He also do write something on a paper, which looks like he draws some tables and weapons, flow charts, urmm, I really don't understand that book gameplay and insert it as a KIV item in my head...

Fast forward, I still cannot get that gamebook for myself. I really want to give it a try, and so one day God give me an opportunity to borrow it from my other friend. After giving it a try, naaaaaa... I cannot wait to finish it and cheats like other impatient gamebook gamer cheats - read the final part of the book... X-O

I think the only way to make me getting serious playing that kind of game is by not giving me any handicap at all - like not giving any access to the final part or do not let me finds any mean of cheats. When I had that book on my hands, I can just easily flip for the end of it and read it all backwards. As long as I get my mission done, plus that way I can get to know how the game finish, after that I just don't care. Hey, it's just a game, why so serious? :-P

"Man and woman who cheats will get cheated" - Anon.

Why men loooooooooooooves playing games? I dunno, maybe it's because missions and targets in games is much more easier to achieve instead of real life plans? Hurmmmm. Let that seriousity slips, because next I'm going to show you another 5 games I played because it feels like a game book (to me).

Neopets is still alive~
Neopets?? Are you kidding me? No, I'm not kidding you, srsly. I play Neopets because they have rare items which I can only get the first time I sign up an account. In order to get as many rare items I can, so I create multiple email accounts so I can transfer all of them to one single Neopets and start my own rare item shop, hahahaha X-D (and later I abandon it because I hate having too much email accounts).

Why Neopets is just like playing a gamebook? Neopets has the "rare items" and "rare weapons" just like inside a game book~

Sryth is always updated :-)
I think this is the only game that very closely related to an actual gamebook. When you play this browser game (because you need a browser and internet to play it), you will go embark an adventure just like a real gamebook. You are responsible with all of your actions because each decisions will lead you into a different storyline and side quests and ending.

Why Sryth is just like playing a gamebook? There is no need to flip any page or throw any dice because in Sryth you only click their 20 sided dice to choose your next adventure~~

"Swirve" Earth: 2025 - The new earth is called Earth Empires~
The all new Earth: 2025.
Whoa, this game is really old (I think so). It's been a long time since I play this game, and now the original game is not available because maintenance is impossible with the game old architecture. What makes me so addicted with this game is you must accumulate all of your turns in order to do a full blast attack. I was this *near* to conquer that nation, but I'm lack of my military power, urghhh.. X-O

Why Earth: 2025 is just like playing a gamebook? We need to choose which side that will win - or which nation should hold the first place in the scoreboard? :-P

"Swirve" Utopia.
Utopia... I had no idea.
This game is pretty similar with Earth: 2025, but you need to race against the clock with their races~ ;-) Like an old fairy tales, you can have or mix different races in your kingdom - Humans, Orcs, Halflings, Faery (I like this race, haha), Elves, Dwarves, Avians and last but not least, the Undead, gyahahaha X-D And if you have too much resources, hatch your own dragons for more attack power~~

Why Utopia is just like playing a gamebook? Dragons - I hate fighting any kingdom with dragons when my own kingdom does not have any...

And the last browser game which supposed to be like playing a gamebook is: Xpert Eleven.

Currently I played Xpert Eleven until today :-)

Wait, isn't this... Yup, this is Football Manager-based game in text version. You won't need any handheld controller, what you need is a perfect strategy, a very hardworking player and sometimes dirty trix in order to win the ultimate cup. I myself wants you to join in our private league, Fukurou Xpert League by Pyan because we are short of arm and legs of determined managers here. Come join us and let's compete who can be the greatest great greatestest social football manager ever! >;-)

Why Xpert Eleven is just like playing a gamebook? The training part in order to sharpen own form and skills?

There is a lot of games outside there that I think it is very similar to a gamebook, or maybe I had serious problem understanding what is a browser game, RPG, flash game, similar-to-red-alert-game, etc etc etc. Duh.. :-( But I have one more "gamebook"-like game to try, anyone play Travian?

m2mdoh: "In support of read more books to sharpen our imagination~~"

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