Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WoW: Nnnnnnnooo kill!! (Pronounced like "Mmmmmonster kill") X-D

.: It's been a long time since I played WoW: DotA on LAN, which I'm not very good at, and it was a surprise to hear that someone out there can stand playing World of Warcraft without actually playing it! Eh?  :-?

The World of Warcraft (WoW) online version is a game where you can complete many of their missions by defeating never-run-out-of-stock creatures inside. But, this one WoW player, Everbloom, has played this online game with the highest patience of all, doing what other player won't bother to do, by completing so many missions that requires no creature slaying at all. Whoaaa.. :-O

Everbloom - Night Elf Restoration Druid level 85?!

Seriously, how can you reach level 85 in WoW if you avoid killing any creature? While there is no cheat used in this game, this Everbloom guy spend 5 months of his life consistently collecting herbs or digging for minerals, thus helping him level up in this online game.

"I managed to see the game in a new light," Everbloom writes in the game forum. "I saw a lot of new things with this character, it's worth it, and each level has been a great achievement." And he advised other WoW players to join his steps too~

According to the source,, there is some glitch in this game where some of the missions is magically auto-complete just by opening a letter. Everbloom has asked Blizzard to remove this flaw, but until now there is no action done. Lucky him, haha :-P (not WoW).
I was more attracted to Filippo's perspective, as he writes that some people didn't play a game the way that game should be played, but they still enjoy that game like other players too. The idea of virtual tourism really fascinates me, because I enjoys slaying creature while exploring dungeons and mazes like the Digimon World PlayStation game, hehe :-)

Talking about ever bloom, there is one Ever-bloom which is the largest Gerbera grower in United States, a perfect place to look for the real Gerbera flower. Maybe we can complete our own real life tourism mission here? ;-)

Florabundance California Grown Everbloom Gerbera's
Oohhh, this is how Gerbera flower look like...

m2mdoh: "In support of real life flower tourism~~"

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