Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Battle Animation: Monster Galaxy Official Trailer

.: Finally, Monster Galaxy release their first official video~

Monster Galaxy - Official Trailer
Err, it's like Pokemon Crystal + King of Fighter battle to me...

Impressive video, impressive battle animation, and it will be more super impressive if it can be more lightweight and loads fast because my internet connection is not as fast as the video. If they can make it more lighter, I won't need to stare the slow-mo animation all the time and I can continue exploring Monster Galaxy map every night, lol~

How can Zero's flame saber dig up the
carrots?? Carrot BBQ~~
Amazingly, April is a busy month for Monster Galaxy. There is always a new item added, new game upgrade (you can check your Monster Galaxy version during the game startup), new near-impossible limited Easter moga to capture, new treasure chest dropped by egoistic-but-clumsy Skylar, and new moga categorization, blablabla and.. You can check it all in Monster Galaxy wall updates here~ :-P

Pokemon Crystal: Catching Suicune

KOF XIII Yagami 100% combo (HDmode+5*)

[] The King of Fighters XIII - Iori combo

See the resemblance? Heehee :-P

m2mdoh: "In support of monster collecting games must have beautiful and engaging attack animation~"

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