Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SOS Morse Code : Help Signal (Learn This, You Might Need It)

.: This is interesting. S.O.S?

This post contains much more video than any other post. (At writing time) ;-P

What is SOS?
  • A signal or sign asking for help.
  • Using light flash or sounds, (or both)
  • sometimes is referred as "save our ship" or "save our soul"?
  • alphabets is from Morse Code.
  • consists of dit's [ · ] and dah's [ ]~~ ('dit' is a quick light flash, 'dah' is longer flash than dit, or, 'dit' is a short beep sound while 'dah' is 3 times longer)

How to Learn Morse Code?
The easiest way is to learn the Morse alphabets is by using the Caring__1 diagram (from WikiHow). This is the most easiest and the simplest way to learn or memorizing the Morse Code. (Diagram for Morse' number is not available at the moment).

How to use this Caring__1 diagram:

> the letter 'E' is dit, and the letter 'T' is dah (refer above)
> going downwards, say, we use the letter 'I'. 'I' is dit dit. And the letter 'A' is dit dah.
> another example, the letter 'G'. In Morse code, it is represented as dah dah dit. Or, in alternate form, ·
> try another example, the letter 'D'. dah dit dit. Or  · ·
Try it~   ;-)

Okay, now is the video time~
How to learn Morse code
(I love reading comments under Youtube videos~ It is hilarious, hahaha) X-D

Radio morse code (Can you decipher it?) ;-)

This one is awesome. Morse code for your iPhone/iPod touch~

Of course, life would be boring if no humor at all. Can you handle this?
Office Survival Tip: SOS (Horror vid)

Okay, that's it for now. Read further if you want to know more here~
  • Wikihow : How to Learn Morse Code
  • eHow : How to Use Morse Code to Signal for Help
  • : SOS definition
  • : SOS
  • S-O-S / SOS =  · · ·  —  · · · 

*** Update ***
Morse Code Letters and numbers (based on Caring__1 diagram)
Made by me, feel free to use it~~

m2mdoh: "In support of learning multi-emergency-distress lingua~~"


Elizabeth said...

haha! Love all these videos. Thanks for posting them :) Can't wait to show my husband (an even bigger HAM than I am!).

mamdoh said...

.: Heehee, Thank you :-D It feels great to have a post liked by others, hee :-D And yes, Morse code is a very interesting code, have you tried encoding the Morse code from jazz songs? I think we can try our deciphering our Morse code there too~ ;-) :.

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