Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New? Sony α (Alpha) NEX-5 Camera: Beware with Reviews~

.: Laa lalalaalaaa la lalaa~~ ;-P

While re-viewing my blog, I notice a Sony α (Alpha) NEX-5 Camera in one of my Google Adsense. Out of curiosity, and the strictest ultimate taboo of not clicking the ads on your own blog, I began my personal 3 minutes journey looking what Sony Alpha NEX-5 is... (Of course by clicking on the ads brings you direct to the website, but it is forbidden to click on your ads, haa..)

Because I'm not in the buying mode (I wished I had to) ;-(   , feasting on it's pictures and reviews may able to fulfill my desire to have a very detailed look at it. (Plus, that's is what the internet capable to). But be aware with pictures and reviews, and videos too. Your eyes might fool and mess your brain~

Sony α (Alpha) NEX-5 Malaysia about their NEX Experience (Expand your creative horizon):
The ultra-compact camera with all the features you want: DSLR quality performance with interchangeable lens, full HD recording, background defocus control and much more.

Bla bla blaa.. (You know already what you can expect from an ads)   ;-P

Back with the reviews, I've found 4 OK sites about Alpha NEX-5~
  • Imaging-Resource.com : I've been blown away~ Very technical, awesome camera-o-camera image quality comparison, moving .gif of the product, more details in tabs, plus, the important part of all, lengthy pros and cons so decision can be made wisely.
  • DPReview.com : (dark version of Imaging-Resource?) If you like more modern look, go to this site. Give graphs and tables and color arrays in their review (in-depth technical and practical). Pretty cool site~
  • DigitalCameraReview.com : White, basic and simple. Friendly with eyes, visible links, pretty much like a Squidoo page. 4/5. I really like seeing the menu on this video in pictures.
  • DigitalTrends.com : 9 out of 10. Whoaa.. Really? This site have video review. Unlike previous 3 sites, this site gives you video review. Hmmm.. :-?
I'm not that good in doing English review, particularly digital camera review, but my comments here is just my five cents. It is up to you to choose your camera and buy one. Beautiful design, multiple functionality,  long term investments, spare part availability, etc etc etc~

About 'beware with reviews' part. If you always reading numerous internet reviews, you should be able to see which sites is likely affiliating with the product maker, or which is likely to give personal "condemning" reviews. As you should read both, be in mind that people do have hidden agendas (even with their blatant disclosure), like wanting you buy one product so badly, and you should be judging both sides with your own "veto" reviews. Do you really need it in he first place, or you just love to envy every new products on the Net (just like me). Hahaha ;-P

Before that, this is a fascinating video for your eye to feast on~
The naaaaaaaaaaaaaa video..
Sony Alpha NEX-5 Night footage Shibuya

The woah video..
Sony's alpha NEX-5 ad

Urmmm.. Can you date with a tripod?? Heehee X-D

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