Monday, May 17, 2010

Real Men Play Chess - m2mdoh Played Chess Before~~ ;-P

.: Youtube turned 5~~
Yippieeee~~ X-D

I dunno what other characteristics of real men in this new era and new milennia, but I had two in my mind:-
  • real men play chess
  • and real men blogs
  • hhehehe ;-P
 image credits: conorwithonen.

Chess is strange, why men need to play with strange block of wood or plastics on a two-colored board and defeat each other by saying this word? -checkmate-

Chess is old, really old. In my life, chess appear when I'm in my primary four.. Urghhhh, I hate chess so much at that time. When playing chess, I always get cursed and stoopid and hate so I hate chess. And my winning chances at that time is1 over 100. I hate chess even more. hahaha~~ X'-D

Growing up into a boy, my  hate for chess turned into my love of money. If I win my chess competition, I can get some money, yea yeahhh~~ Luckily, I never win. It is always the same silly mistake or my move is too early and my oppponents can read my future moves. Naaaaa~~ X-O

Garry Kasparov, one of the big name I know about chessmasters. Chessmaters in my own definition is I had to play chess versus computer with victory over 100% and then I can challenge Kasparov. Kasparov is like a legend to me, each time I encountered chess, Kasparov is a hard-to-forget name. Now, with my current age, I think my winning chance is about 1/99, only if I played it with my brother~~ ;-)

Here is one famous situation how to checkmate your opponent when you played chess with only the rook and only-one-move king left..

Between chess and carom? I'll choose carom~~ (Easier, and simpler)

Real men blogs? Hurmmmmm..
What I know is with my Blogger in Draft, the preview button has changed it's location (at the bottom), and it is much more WYSIWYG~ ;-)

m2mdoh: "In support of gaming industry can enhance your math and your war strategy~~"

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