Saturday, May 1, 2010

Going aU naturEL? You is OrigiNal, Being You is PhenoM3nal! ;-)

.: Dear Ladies,

This is a letter coming from the untouched deepness of my heart, only to let you know that, you're beautiful, truly beautiful, the one and only my heart desires..

"untouched deepness of my heart??" and what is that?? X-O

Naaaah, I'm planning to write a letter here, but with my sudden death writer's block, I.. :-(

Urmmm, ok okay. Maybe next time, because before I write my engrish letter, I need to digest a lot English literature before I'm able to create my own piece. Like Google, the more I digest, the more I know the more I learn about something.

Au Naturel~~
This post is about saying the truth, nothing but the truth and only the truth. ;-P

Women, since Adam and Eve time is always the most beautiful beings created by God. Very graceful, delicate, and heart-throbbing forever and ever, women always be the sweetest sweetheart of all time. Looking at their face can make we nervous, sweats, speechless, any sorts of "faint heart attack", but I admit, their lovely face can never be boring~   :-)

Haa.. It is about something. Definitely about something.
Read this equation: Women + make up = beautiful or disaster?

My take for this, B.O.T.H.. Seriously, both. Why????

I dunno whether Eve knows how to make up herself during her time, but I think I'm pretty sure Eve do not put her make up. (No need to further elaborate this, okay?)   ;-)

Why need to put chemical onto our face? Sometimes it is scary to see a face so super white sleeping next to you, is she still your wife or she is from the other side.. huuuuuu.. X-O  Women naturally is cute, beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, lovely.. and being original is what I see the most super cutest, beauteous, prettiest, gorgeouses, loveliest.. It true! Definitely true! :-)

Original - no make up.

Why need to hide your face behind a "chemical mask dust oil"? OKay, foundation is necessary, but if excessive make up do make your face look very very funny. How come your face is pale white and your neck and your chest is yellowish?? Your hands, sometimes your feet, or your behind is different in color?? Different head with wrong body?? X-O

Err, sorry if that sounds too harsh, or too strange. But being original with no make up is phenomenal you know! ;-)

Well, this one is not that recent but there is one movie that shows no make up but you still looks gorgeous fabulous.

Question: So who in this movie who didn't put up too much make up like usual? ;-)

Precious, a movie by Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry, is a magnificent heart-touching story based on the novel Push by Sapphire. If you acts in a movie without make up, it is consider too much and daring because of your bravery, you are too brave by showing the other side of your 'previously-masked' face. Consider you do not have terrible face problems, your natural beauty is too hot to handle~ ;-)

To show more women who seriously beautiful without their make up, visit this Yahoo! Shine links : Heidi Klum is latest star to go without makeup. :-D Waaa, Heidi Klum is cute~~

m2mdoh: "In support of growing old is your best time of all!~~"

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