Friday, May 14, 2010

Lego Star Wars & mini Cannon: Fast n Furious vs Fast but Dangerous >>

.: Lego: I used to had one bag of it in 1987~~

Dunno why, when I picked that rectangular piece at that time, I wonder how can the small circle under it can stick to other Lego?? So I test it, and test it, keep testing it, and at the end, I cannot manage to assemble a Lego tyrannosaurus like the one pictured on the Lego bag.. hurmmmm...   X-(

image credits: emrank.

Is it me or I am way too behind? I was one of the guy who not yet finished watching the Star Wars movie until now, but in internet world, I see Star Wars is a legend. Star Wars brings fond and scientific memories from old time, and the only thing I remember and envy is the T robot. What model is it? Wait, I'll check in Google.

Nope, it was not T model. It's R2 D2 model, hoohoo...   X-(

But I know the guy in C-3PO is a very thin guy~~   X-)

Enough of that, let's watch the mix of Lego and Star Wars in "The Fastest and Funniest LEGO Star Wars story ever told" Youtube video~~

When the home made is turned into technology.. err.. weaponry...

I lost my words when I came back to this post.. This is a pre-post with content written ahead of posting time, what can I do.. my bad..

Bonus: Lego beyond my building capabilities...

image credits: Stéfan.

There you go, fast and furious versus fast but dangerous~~

P/s: Lego belongs to LEGO. 

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