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App-poooo-Reau-lize!!! Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters?

.: Lol, I can't take it anymore!!! X-D

Long story short, as I browse some anime site out there I found an old school crush of mine : a new Digimon animu appeared. Yes yes yessssszaaa~~ X-D

As today October the 17th, it's already aired the third episode so far, and I found it to be pretty good. I just love the drawing style, the design, the sfx, while at the same time I had this love-hate vibe watching the MC struggling on how to be a really good MC. Why the Taichi "Tai" Kamiya Digimon Adventure Tri psychological trait has to be inherited momentarily in this season too? Whyyyyyy???

I will restart my post again. I'm so sorry for jumping here and there.

My own noob description: As DigiMon is the short form of Digital Monsters, like Pokemon is Pocket Monsters, Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters is another innovative twist from the original concept of their early pioneer Digimon anime, because Digimon exists in other universe too.

Screenshot of Digimon Universe: AppMon website (Japan)

In the old pioneer anime, Digimon comes from the real Digital World. In this latest seventh tv series installments Digimon now comes from our smartphone apps. 

"The digital part implies that their monster exists in digital world, so anything that is digital can turn into or it's already has monsters in it." - Neat concept eh? Hehe.

I don't really know if this anime continues from Digimon Adventure Tri, but the story gives off this 2015/2016 aura with the smartphone apps bloom thingy. If it really comes from the year 2045, I think the concept would be everyone is wearing Google Glass or virtual reality headset. And Digimon should be presented in augmented or virtual reality gadgets.

Maybe that will come in as the next Digimon anime concept - VirtualReality Monsters, or VRMon. Lol~

Carry on, the internet comments filled with mostly hate about this anime. As some diehard fans would say that this Appmon is not the real Digimon, for me I think it was a fresh new idea to deviate a little from the normal Digimon anime route.

By the way, the Appli Monsters comes from Application Monsters (hence it from the smartphone app), with the other shorthand name for it is Appmon. Pardon me for the late heads up.

Why restrict ourselves with just one idea, if you literally have tons and tons of new exciting digital monsters? As long as they're digital, it really has the Digimon genetic in it.

Or take it like movies in the cinema. Reboot of Spiderman movie, Batman movie, Superman movie, Red Riding Hood movie, Cinderella movie, blah blah blah, they all have some new innovative way to tell the same story from another point of view. So, it's the same thing happen to this Digimon Appmon anime.

I acknowledge and appreciate innovation and creativity. But this Digimon Appmon anime is beautifully drawn compared to this one season damn I forgotten what it's name is, but it was really, awfully, badly drawn...

Digimon anime drawing styles that I like in order from the best to medium is:
  1. Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters (of course), 
  2. Digimon Adventure Tri (really close in term of styles there), 
  3. Digimon the Movie (oh the memory lane). 
Other Digimon anime I didn't cared much because it was not aired in my youthful time. Lol. Maybe later, lolled again.

And to conclude my lengthy post, as always, here is a multitude of things I want to share or embed in this single blog post. Feel free to visit them, if you're occasional Digimon fans like me, you might want to watch Digimon Appmon now~~ X-D

Snippets of the very first 'video-not-available' episode :
= TVアニメ『アプリモンスターズ』第1話 [無料配信中!] [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJCOQBgx5Z4 ],

Snippets of Appmon second episode :
TVアニメ『アプリモンスターズ』第2話予告「あやしき道先案内人! 拙者ナビモンでござる!」

Snippets of the latest third episode :
TVアニメ『アプリモンスターズ』第3話予告「育てたキャラがスッポンポン!? ロープレモンの学校ダンジョン!」

Can't help it, Minecraft Appmon mode is making their cameo here too~

Snippets of the incoming fourth episode :
TVアニメ『アプリモンスターズ』第4話予告「仮装のキミをうぃただきます! キャメラモンのハロウィンスキャンダル!」

It's Halloween time already?

And here is the linky part :

They do plan for Appmon games, and as user HentaiTeddyBear points out - you can download the Japanese Nintendo 3DS version demo of Appmon. 

Video of Appmon 3DS promo 01 :
3DS「デジモンユニバース アプリモンスターズ」TVCM<サイバーアリーナ篇>

Video of Appmon 3DS promo 02 :
3DS「デジモンユニバース アプリモンスターズ」第2弾PV

Appmon merchandise? No worries, App-poooo doo-rye-vhaaaaa is out!
【玩具】アプモンの超重要デバイス『アプリドライヴ』 10月8日(土)発売!

But I think they might want to sell the Appmon watch and the hardcover bag to store all the Appmon chips sometimes later too... Kaching kachingssss.... (-_ -'"  )

That's all for now folks. Thank you for reading~~

Easter Eggs: Appmon 1+6 apps? AppLink and/or AppFusion?

m2mdoh: "In support of yelling your-next-big-thing in Kamen Rider drunken henshin voice mode."


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