Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why? Why ping pong baby leads me to this?

.: The big Why?

Question :

How'd I go from watching Jamie playing ping pong to watching this video? And more than 90 ping pong lovers too watch the same video???

The situation :

Let's see whether any of us do watch "that" video after Jamie finished playing, shall we? ;-)

Link: Jamie playing multiball (YouTube).
(This magic only works if your YouTube Jamie's multiball is the same like the one in my screenshot) ;-)

And so, the answer :
* spoiler * Only highlight this part after you already watch the next video after watching Jamie, okay?

The magic video is the one with baby sloth hugging each other. Isn't it fascinating when you found out that sometimes we do unpredictable things together? Human behavior is certainly one of the best subject for us to explore, right? ;-)

Link: ... 【癒され度100%】スローロリスの愛が生まれた日♪ (YouTube).


m2mdoh : "In support of watching unpredictable actions comes predictable?"

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