Wednesday, May 27, 2009

7 Happy Tips for a Happy Relationship >>

.: Assalamu'alaikum n Hye~~

yup, i prayed for an everlasting of happy events, happy souls, and a happy future~~
(coz i want to be happy all the time~~) :p
why happy is important?
(why ask? everyone needs it~~ to make the world a happier and merrier place)
can you maintain or repair your level of happiness?
(should i or i shouldn't?)

today, while i doing some Facebook-ing, :p
i found one special notes about happiness~~
formerly an assignment, but i think this happy tip deserve the world to read it rather than the Lecturer-self~~
happy things should be shared, shouldn't we??

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By: Damalya Arisa & Zarifhadi Sanchez

Every couple wants a happy and satisfying relationship with their partner. However, only few of them manage to achieve it. Some of the individuals encounter a relationship that carried a suitcase full of hurts, regrets, disappointment and anger that eventually shaping their current relationship. Relationship is essential to one’s mental and physical health. Maintaining a healthy relationship between you and your partner requires a lot of effort and sacrifice.

Here are some of the tips for couples out there to achieve a happy relationship.

• Be responsible for your own happiness and do not anticipate it to come from your partner all the time. Foremost, you should make yourself happy then share your happiness with your partner.

Ear first, Mouth later
• Listen. All people wanted to be seen and heard. If you take your time to truly listen to your partner’s distresses and grievances without being judgemental, it may help you to understand and have empathy towards your partner. Saying the words “I understand” or “I feel sorry for you” can be magical words for you to tell your partner that you really comprehend their situation.
• The key to success in a relationship is to respect and celebrate the differences between you and your partner. Misunderstanding does not kill your relationship. However the failure to accept and listen to your partner’s opinions may lead to major conflict.
Everybody Wins
• Good negotiation skills are crucial in a modern relationship as couples create their own roles compared to a traditional relationship. These roles are significant to a relationship as it requires in depth negotiation. Partner needs are different from time to time. Therefore, the win-win technique is the right way to settle disagreements.

• Apologize is important as everyone can make a mistake. Forgiving has the power to surpass all offences and learning to forgive other people needs a lot of patience, honesty and respect. There is no need to hold grudges in your relationship as it makes us impossible to focus on our partner’s needs. Forgiveness is a deed of humility, not one of arrogant feelings.

• Each individuals are unique and one of a kind. Consequently, it should go without saying that relationships are unique too. Every couple should approach relationship as a learning experience. Every couples need to learn about one another behaviour. Happy couples’ emphasised life long learning and personal growth as both of them perceived problems as a chance to improve themselves.

• Tell the truth as honesty is the best policy. Lying does not solve problems and it creates an unhappy relationship when your partner discovers the lie. A relationship is based on trust and it is a great way to create connection with your partner from trust. Do not be scared to share your feelings to your partner.

Lastly, wishing you all the best and hopefully these tips helps you to have a happier and fulfilling life with your partner."

You smiled when you finished reading this~~
(and if you aren't, i guess you should read it again until that smile 'pop' on your face~~)
Smile ~~

m2mdoh: "In full support of making your days filled with infinite smiles~~"



Anonymous said...

haha..its good to see my & lya`s work at ur page..thanks for sharing buddy ~ ;) hehe.. -Zarif-

mamdoh said...

.: owh, it's my pleasure. i love to spread the love all over the world (and i hope i succeed of doing it). hope this tiny tribute of mine will let the world enjoys your great assignment though, because it is so satisfying to look smiles on other faces. Thank you for your fabulous work. :-) :.

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