Monday, July 6, 2009

An Afternoon with the Hijabbed - Special Edition >>


Assalamu'laikum n Greetings~~

This video is kinda pathetic when watch at first sight, but if you really open up 'your mind' and a little bit of 'yourself', this documentary shows something that you'll found you and your inner self will 'talks' a lot. Kudos to the MMU students for doing this documentary - (is it a documentary? it depends on you to classify it). t the end of this video, read the simple good bye note they left for us~~ hehe~~ i am glad that i am a Muslim, born as a Muslim, and will be married to a Muslim girl (insyaAllah). Gud men are for goodwomen, and good women are for good men. The truth is there are nobody that is no good~~ Everyone of us is a good girl or a good boy~~ so, chill out and smile always~~ Cenyurm sewindah suria~~



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