Thursday, March 19, 2009

the Real Fight! >>

.: Assalamu'alaikum and Greetings!!

hey hey, what i am so happy about?
just wanna give a smile to everybody

now, my story of watching another version of entertainment.
as starters, i am not a real fighter..
i have a low self-esteem because of my physical..
too skinny..
i do ate a lot..
breakfast only after 1000hrs..
lunch at noon.. or 1pm.. or a lil bit late than that..
dinner usually at 8pm or 2100hrs..
n special supper if i manage to find extra biscuits or buns or whatever left..
oat with creamer??
cracker with fruit jam??
to fill my late night crave, haha :p

enough with my food intake..
the story is about how i get to love fights - legitimate fight.
say, my fave is the WWE and the latest one is the UFC..
when i see WWE wrestling show at tv, their fight were somewhat rehearsed and funny-looking..
soft punch produces great impact.. hohoho.. funny..
but the storyline is ok though..
but i miss Vince McMahon..
he is much better at creating conflicts..
not like the girl manager right now..
hmm..  =(

but to my surprise,
i used to stay late at night, watching any comedies in tv..
like.. last time when david lettermen still aired on tv and i watched it..
two and a half man..
everybody loves raymond..
grey's anatomy..
anthing similar to that..
(and usually this kind of show are aired late at night in Malaysia coz of it's content were not advisable for kids)..
but i am over-age, ok..
i was the one who like to watch - why people other than me can laugh with their jokes - stuff..
was my English were not that good??
hurmm.. i dunno..
but just for laugh gags is sure to crack me up..
no need to understand the speaking, just watch their actions..

kyaa, forgot that UFC..
UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship.
wow, that show really hits me hard..
and this show is aired late night..
that's why i get to know this show..
hey, i'm not into bullying, but my resolution by watching this kind of show is..
a one way or methods for me to defense myself..
learning the self-defense techniques..
how to lock, kick, and give the punches..
no jabbing, as this is not boxing??
(err, did boxing do not allow any jab-punch?)
well, my conclusion is UFC is more entertaining than WWE..
i do watch both..
i enjoyed the UFC atmosphere..
but i prayed for beter 'drama' from WWE..
my bad..

so, as usual, i love to leave my research results here..
YouTube: subscribe UFC channel.

UFC official website.

mm? this baby has it's own widget?? Cool!

Looking for UFC tickets??

m2mdoh: "In support of more entertaining show"


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