Friday, March 20, 2009

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.: Assalamu'alaikum and Moshi-moshi.

having a misunderstanding between special friends can bring you down make your day sadder..
just be patient and keep going on..
it just life trials and tests..
face it, do not leave it, take it, and move on.

speaking of music, what i know is mostly about mp3..
where this type of music is to keep me relax, happy, angry, sad, sleepy, in party mood..
music without video is called audio.. (izzit?)
audio = sound??
but audio that can bring emotion to a person can be classified as a music..
different people have different opinion about music (audio)..
even noise can be classified as a music to one's ear..
and i hate noise..
no noise please..

so, technically mp3 is a computer term for a type of computer file..
a sound/audio file.
much better if i say it a music file.
or a meaning taken from this site, : "A (computer) file containing a song or other audio data that is encoded using this standard".
and, mp3 is written as [ .mp3 ] because it was an extension for computer files.
and wiki gives quite a good answer if u girls/guys want to know more about mp3.
mp3 can be downloaded, but with special TnC (terms and conditions).
and bear in mind, mp3 is protected by the laws..
plus it is also proteted by human with sincere humanity..
ripped mp3s can be trtansferred by anyone on the Net, but..
did one knows how much it takes to produce a very high quality of music??
(and then irresponsible people who spread it all over the world-making the artist, or the owner get nothing.)
and that is a crime..
unless you have bought the cd/dvd, and you use it for personal use..
not to burn it in multiple copies-so you can pass it to others..
(in the name of sharing is caring?? naah!!)
naughty, naughty!!
the worst part if when there is a 3rd party (or anybody) that sells this mp3..
it just like you stealing other's salary..
please be human, and be sincere..

and, for special case,
if you wonder where can you get legal (legitimate) independent mp3s.

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