Friday, March 12, 2010

My 1st Blogger Template Designer layout~~

.: Greetings~~

Yeah, I'm surprised~~

Initially I want to change my other niche layout, but I change my default blog instead~~ ;-P

Go to Layout > Template Designer.
There is 4 ready made layout: Simple, Picture window, Awesome Inc and Watermark. These template is done by Josh Peterson and Tina Chen~~

On the left side, we can see a 4 mode of design editing.What I love the most is the Background and the Layout mode. It's making my life easier to use my preferred 3 column in 2 column blog, hehehe~ ;-)
In this new Blogger template Designer, whatever change is done and viewed instantly -.another feat that definitely save my time, but I will check my blog design again in full window mode from 'View blog', the link at the right uppermost side.

After you're done with your edits, don't forget to click 'Apply to blog'~~

My comments?
  • all of my widget is scrambled all over the place, and need to be adjusted and reorder again..
  • this new layout seems to be much slower than my previous, but I still want to give a try..
  • almost everything in my blog can be modified, font, colour, everything, whoaaaa~~
  • fancy, but still slow.. hurmmm....

I'll check my blog webmaster, if it good, I'll continue using this layout, but if it is not. naahhhh.. I want speed, but I don't want to sacrifice my blog scenery.. Have you tried it yet??


m2mdoh: "Speed, Quality and Scenery, which one will you choose? (for your blog)"


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