Monday, March 1, 2010

Damn Interesting Yahoo! snippets fave of mine for March 01 y2K10~~

.: Again, Greetings to all of you~~
hehehe   :-D

This is one of my theoritical way of obtaining damn interesting traffic~~ This blog will helps me carry my ongoing study with trafficking my other niche blog??~~ Life in a fast lane - my personal blog that blogs anything~~  X-D

Back to business, down below it what I found damn interesting from Yahoo! daily snippets~~

  • Damn~~ I don't want to spend more money here!!~ X-O  Better equip myself with the Marauder's map [Grocery version] next time~~
  • Aaaargh, another damn it moments~~ I thought I still have that historical Nintendo box sitting next to my basement cat... Aaaarghh, my 'back-to-the-future' money~~ X-O
  • A salary of $50K per year... Whoaa.. Better excels in maths, arts, logical thinking and fitnessing my body..

And, watchout for fruity flash in this Damn Interesting site - The Unfortunate Sex life of Banana~~ Will Alien Hand Syndrome be found in Malaysia?? Wait and see..

m2mdoh: "In supprot of damn-ming inetresting articles~~"


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