Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Catching Zekrom in Pokemon Go | Sarawak

.: Surprise~~~!!

I can't believe it, I found Zekrom!!!

Zekrom? Are you for real???
Nah. This is just a render from Android Central. I do not have a working Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge like in this picture. My cute Samsung Galaxy S3 4.1.2 is not able to install Pokemon Go. Boohoohoooooo (T, T  )

But there were many people gather around Kuching waterfront in my hometown here because there were a lot of PokeStop. Oh the jelly-ness level is increasing....

Good bye Pokemon Go. I just keep grinding my Monster Hunter Generations then. T, T


If, and only if, Pokemon Go (aka Niantic) would tone down the android requirement to this level, so I can play Pokemon Go in my Samsung S3~~

Nice one!

That's all folks.

p/s: I do not own any of the images - it belongs to their respective owners. I sincerely do not mock Niantic or Pokemon Company. But that zekrom was hard to render in 3D... :.
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