Monday, January 14, 2013

The 'Eh eh eh eh eh, Aa aa aa aa aa, Da da da da da, Na na na na na' Song?

.: Or is it the...

Eh eh eh eh eh Aw aw aw aw aw Da da da da da Ga ga ga ga ga song???

Hahaha. I heard this dance music somewhere before and I don't know what is the songs name. Just like this hrvoje421 video question, I can only remember the Ey ey ey ey ey Aa aa aa aa aa part, hahaha X-D

Well, internet saves the day - I found 3 Million Voices videos in Youtube~~

1) The almost 6 minutes song - I like this one better.

2) The official OttoKnowsVevo - Million Voices cinematic vid 01:

3) Otto Knows - Million Voices minimalist vid 2:

Too bad I rely on Google too much nowadays, but if someone can create an Android app that specialize in voice or tune or music search and that would be like...

Oh My God? How did your reverse engineering that? 'Similar Image Search' like is pretty awesome (I think their method is somehow based on the ASCII thing if you 'open with' your image with Notepad - which is Google also can do similar stuff too), but, sound search... It's pretty heavy stuff eh? Unless you're searching it by asking a zillion of people who already heard the sound before. Until someone identifies it, you're just another person who already heard that sound. Naahh.. Just some of my thoughts...

So then, if Otto already Knows Million Voices, so you can too by watching Rino the cute little Japanese girl making funny voices and faces about food.

Rino is yeayy yeayyyyyyyyyy~~

I love this Emily Fleischaker article - because I already faced the situation where your young nephew never care less about eating anything. But he likes the Jasmine Green Tea like I do, hurmmmmm... ;-(

Ey? Rino gif somehow in sync with Million Voices? Hahahahahahahaha X-D

m2mdoh : "In support of how to train your young ones eat like Rino but not making Rino some commercial baby-toddler-pre-school cereal star because Rino is Rinoooo~~."

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