Monday, September 3, 2012

8 Strange Doodle today...

.: Usually they will play it with the Google logo, but just now they play it with their..

I'm lucky everyday I'm google-ling~ (LMFAO style) heehee ;-)
... 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button?

Their series of luckiness that I manage to push my luck with is:-
.. So I do think I don't get all of this Feeling doodle thing, because just now I'm Feeling Confused which feeling button did I click and what I get is this black and white 2D RPG fighting the mathematical enemy robot and so on????

And, if you wish to join playing with your feelings too, just head on to the, not your usual localized Google, okay? (To be honest, this is one of their secret unselfish feeling to promote their Google products randomly, hahaha) :-P

m2mdoh : "In support of supporting your feelings up high~~"

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