Tuesday, December 1, 2009

HeyQuiz, Abuse rape victim and Cat plotting to kill me! >>

Assalamu'alaikum  and Greetings~~

Welcome to the wicked side of the world~~

Just now, I was checking out my Globetrackr.com stats, and view a detailed summary of my global visitors, and I found out a wordpress blog striking me head over and over again~~ [Dark2Light.wordpress.com: The story of an abuse and date rape survivor]. I remembered my time when I was sooo cute and innocent ;-P and that time I just know that my father do not love me like my other siblings.. Being abused left me a super dark itchy memoir and at times I feel like to take my revenge to anybody who acts like my father. (I'm taking my time, I'll definitely get my revenge, no matter what.)

Taking my time watching reading a glimpse of that blog, I spotted a crazy quiz, and I become curious. "Is my cat plotting to kill me?" Hmm...

Is your cat plotting to kill you?

83%. Wow! That is an 'A' if to my Biological Crappy thinking and Blog posting test.
(I am a little scaredycat sometimes)

Oowh!!! What a wonderful world. 83% is a goooooood number~~ X-O I've done posting something I think 'interesting' in my new Bahasa blog, [SuamiNakJadiAyah.blogspot.com] and is open for my dear Net citizens to share the Love~~ :-)

HeyQuiz contains quite a distubring number and disturbing quizzes on their site, so, do not atake the quiz if you are alone. (Trust this, and you are going nowhere~~) X-D

How long would it take for a Tyrannosaurus Rex to digest your corpse?

What are your chances of surviving a 100 foot fall?

m2mdoh: "In support of trying to believe there is still love out there for me.. and Us."
Allahu Akbar!!


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