Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Nite of Flashy Perseid Showers >>

.: Assalamu'alaikum n Greetings~~

A nite to remember~~
filled with showers of love~~
it's like the stars are going to have it all~~
just for you and me and others too~~
and when will it be?~~
Aug 10? till Aug 13th??


Perseid meteor showers

After signing out from my Yahoo! email, the site brought me to the usual place, the front page of Yahoo!'s fancy but informative page. While browsing the site for my usual quick eye candy, for an instant my view is kinda glued to one of the nature best scenary~ the pictures of the annual Perseid meteor showers~~ hurmm, can i watch it right here in Malaysia?

While my place is being hazy entirely for almost two weeks,  i don't think i will be able to watch it down here. If Allah willings, maybe i can see some meteor showers tonight, InsyaAllah, hehe~~ :-)

For further reading about Perseid meteor showers that will occured around this two days (or more), make sure your eyes is glued to this site just like i do, haha~~


m2mdoh: " In full support of having a night of wonderful moments where the earth is still healthy without pollutions from men."


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