Sunday, February 20, 2011

My 2 new desktop mate/screen mate addition~

.: If you like the idea of having digital creature running here and there in your computer desktop, you will love this lightweight no-need-to-install desktop mates or their other nickname, the screen-mates~

It is hard to make them stay still, hahaha X-D
Previously, I had 4 working screen-mates before, but now I have 6 of them. The first 4 is:
  1. Poo the (ram) sheep. 
  2. FaFa the cheerful cat. 
  3. Favour the wealthy Maneki Neko
  4. Silver the I-am-not-gloomy cat. 
And their newest family is~
  1. Felix not-that-famous-black&white-cat, with
  2. Kingfisher the busy blue bird~ 
All this screen-mates does not take much of our system resource because their are very lightweight application and the best thing is they can be run directly without any installation. Whew~ (I like lightweight widget like this)

Kingfisher bird will run from our system tray, and Felix will stay in the Windows taskbar (kinda annoying because it clutters my taskbar and my system tray), while the other cats together with Poo runs in the background. Because Felix is cute, well, I can endure this annoying feeling for now. (After 2 minutes I say farewell to Felix, LOL~) :-P

If you like to have your own screen-mates too, here is the place where you can download it~
  1. Poo from [
  2. FaFa, Favour and Silver from [
  3. Felix from [ ] -> look for Felix.exe. Poo also can be downloaded from here.
  4. Kingfisher from [ ] via MyDigitalLife
  5. Extra : There are 3 version of Felix. Lightweight Felix II is from [ ], and MyFelix version 2.00 from [ CatslikeFelix ]. MyFelix is similar with the previous Felix, but he has more features and need to be installed first.
I have tried the TopCat.exe (37Kb), but he worries me with his " wowexec.exe" and "ntvdm.exe"...

m2mdoh: "In support of looking away around 5 minutes or more to lessen headaches from staring at the computer screen..."

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